Is the maker of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System making enough systems for their re-release? That’s a good question after last holiday when they brought back the SNES Classic and the demand was higher then expected and customers left shorthanded. Now before they do another remake release, it’s looking like history could be repeating itself with […]

Twitter might be updating the site to give users more characters when they post pictures and links.


For retailers, Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and is the biggest day for sales. Mall parking lots and stores are…

There are a ton of video games that I remember being in love with when I was a child: Sonic The Hedgehog, Spyro, Pac-Man, Need 4 Speed and DUCK HUNT! Nintendo just announced that Duck Hunt is making a return to America on Christmas Day for the Wii U Console. I might have to purchase […]

According to TMZ, The ex-president of Nintendo passed away this morning from pneumonia. Hiroshi Yamauchi was 85. Read more. Have you ever seen this thuggish-type parody of Super Mario Bros? You gotta watch it! It’s called “Brotherly Love” Check it [Explicit Content]: