On Monday, Actor James Wood shocked and offended people with his opinionated derogatory comments that he posted to his Twitter page. The actor’s post was regarding a picture of a young kid who at the Orange County Pride Parade in California. The kid is considered, “Gender Creative” and  he was there with his parents who […]

I’m loving all of the positive shows that have been added to TV programming recently. Climbing across tables and throwing drinks in people’s faces have become a thing of the past. I HOPE. Personally, I’ve gotten tired of the “Sports Sidepieces Of Hip-Hop” movement. There’s only so much negativity a brother can take. That kind […]

Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favorite actors to keep up with because I love what he stands for as a person as well. Harris is an extremely talented guy and was one of the funniest characters on “How I Met Your Mother.” It threw people for a loop when he announced his homosexuality, […]

Neil Patrick Harris, star of “How I Met Your Mother,” is coming under scrutiny after he seemingly dropped the “N-Word” at the Tony Awards last night, alongside (of all people) former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson! TMZ and UK’s The Daily Mail both seem to think Doogie Howser said it in his opening number, but, as […]