Birds soar, giraffes strut, gazelles, lions & more take you front row to see the entire Serengeti come to life! The world’s #1 musical Disney’s The Lion King is back on Broadway at the Hobby Center from June 27 to July 23. Disney’s The Lion King is a truly unforgettable production of visual artistry, remarkable music numbers, and a breathtaking […]

I didn’t think anybody could kill “Lions, Tigers and Bears” like Amber Riley did, but Tamar did a good ass job. She made the song her own. I like the dramatics she brought to it. Her vocals are phenomenal. Watch the new Deluxe Version of “Straight Outta Oz:”

I’ve been in over 25 stage productions, so when I saw that Broadway At The Hobby Center hooked me up with a shiny, new coffee mug from the hit musical Hamilton, I almost lost my mind! The show’s coming to the H next year; the day after my birthday: April 24- May 20. Here’s a […]

BROOOOOOOOOO! I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for the release of Lin Manuel-Miranda’s “The Hamilton Mixtape.” I feel as though this project will bridge the gap between Broadway and Hip-Hop. Artists like Nas, Queen Latifah, Ja Rule & Usher are all apart of this genius creation. I found out that on […]

I’m super excited for “The Hamilton Mixtape” that’s being released on Friday. I think this will bridge the gap between broadway and hip-hop. Our fav artists are getting together to put their spin on some of the tunes from the hit musical created by Lin Manuel-Miranda. Nas, Chance The Rapper, Sia, Miguel, Kelly Clarkson & […]

Lin Manuel-Miranda is changing the game. The moves he is making is getting the younger generation more excited about the arts. The “Hamilton Mixtape” that’s being released on Dec 2. features A-list artists like Nas, Usher, The Roots, Usher, Ashanti, Ja Rule and more. This is going to bringe thhe gap between musical theater and […]

“Hamilton” is a musical that has changed the way people view theater. Show tunes don’t always have to be corny and classical. Lin-Manuel Miranda has re-invented stage plays as we know them. “Hamilton” merges American History with Hip-Hop music and it just so happens to mesh beautifully. We get a behind the scenes look at […]

Often times, blacks and latinos don’t get represented well on the stage. Whenever directors/companies produce classic shows, it’s a predominantly white cast. I think that’s one of the reasons why our people shy away from theater. I applaud TUTS (Theatre Under The Stars) for going against the grain and adding shows to its 2016-2017 season […]

I think we’ve all experienced that moment when our friend is texting and those blue dots appear, so we’re waiting and waiting on the edge of our seats. It sucks when those dots just stop and a text never comes through though. TEXT ME BACK! WHAT WERE YOU GONNA SAY!? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!! […]

  Every week I do my best to showcase different things from the world of theater and call it “Show Tunes Tuesday.” Often times, the urban community is so closed-minded when it comes to music. We limit what we jam to one genre. I challenge you to broaden your horizons. Watch this hilarious mash up of […]

It never fails: every time I rock my snapback that I got from Wicked: The Musical, it sparks a convo with someone. It reads: “Defying Gravity.” It’s opened up dialogue with people who I never even expected to know what Wicked was. The incredible DJ Hi-C’s eyes got big when he saw my gear and […]

Hamilton is taking the Broadway world by storm. I applaud Lin Manuel-Miranda for changing the way the urban community views live theater. This man infused hip/hop into musicals, which in turn has made it more appealing to an entire new demographic. I will do whatever it takes to go and see this play when it […]