As a bat-wielding administrator at New Jersey's Eastside High, Clark became an infamous figure with actor Morgan Freeman playing the tough disciplinarian.

One of the most anticipated releases of the year over-delivered thanks to an unexpected guest. Fans now have a holistic view of how Savage Mode II came together.

Besides the on-going obsession with Morgan Freeman‘s voice, today is the legendary actor’s 80th birthday. Sign Up For Our Newsletter: From living your craft to finding your path, the 3rd highest ranked box office star Morgan Freeman gives advice on success. Watch Morgan Freeman’s Top 10 Rules For Success below: The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:

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Freeman will produce the project through his production company, Revelations Entertainment.


With less than 72 hours left in the year, a few outliers have tried to turn tragedy into comedy by creating a series of GoFundMe campaigns to save actors Betty White, 94, and Morgan Freeman, 79, from the 2016 death curse.


Which celebrities didn’t reach fame until they were older? Find out here.

Next Wednesday, VH1 will air an episode featuring the recently deceased Angela "Big Ang" Raoila.

For me, 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen was a bit of a surprise. It was a lot more enjoyable than I thought and I wasn’t alone, as the movie eventually raked in $161 million at the box office. So you know what that means…it got a sequel. London Has Fallen brings back all the major players […]

Morgan Freeman might have been a grown man his entire life.

Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman has given Hillary Clinton's latest presidential advertisement a touch of sincerity and cinematic glory.