As Mayweather’s final fight approaches, reports surface regarding a banned IV the fighter took before his last fight against Manny Pacquiao. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone On May 2nd the night before his fight, Mayweather was injected with saline and vitamins that are banned under the World Anti-Doping Agency guidelines. Three weeks after […]

Life has been good for the Champ, Flyod “Money” Mayweather! Check out Flyod showing off the fruits of his hard labor via his instagram page. Instagram straight flexing Wooooooooah!


Who do you think will win the fight between Floyd Money Mayweather Jr or Canelo Alvarez? You can vote Below and don’t forget to check out the photos from the press conference.

  The talking is over with and the showdown happens Saturday night at The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas known as May Day! How does this fight end? Let us know now!

  May Day is just one day away as Floyd “Money” Mayweather defends his title against Robert “Ghost” Guerrero, but sparks were flying at the press conference. I just hope the fight turns out to be as good as the hype!