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Chris Brown isn't the only one in hot water these days.

One of YMCB's youngest rappers Lil Twist just released a single off his mixtape Golden Child 2.

It looks like rapper Lil Wayne is back to his outlaw ways. The Young Money leader recently recorded a video where he threatened to murder…

  Justin Bieber has finally had enough of Lil Twist and Lil Za’s irresponsible antics, and TMZ reports that he has kicked them out of his Calabasas mansion. The final straw appears to be the disappearance of some expensive jewelry from the Biebs’ home. READ MORE VIA VLADTV.COM

  Just when you thought Miley and her twerking epidemic had reach an all-time low, this happened… It wouldn’t be fair if you had a…

Lil Twist clearly does not take his weed carrier duties very seriously at all. The YMCMB rapper and Justin Bieber acolyte has been named in a battery report for allegedly trying to stop a woman from leaving the Beebs’ mansion. A claim Twist has denied. Source

Lil Twist was reportedly arrested for DUI in California this morning while driving one of Justin Bieber‘s cars! Biebs, does the phrase ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me once, shame on me’ mean anything to you? Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the Dallas rapper has gotten into trouble with a vehicle owned […]

  Well, people have been saying for weeks that Justin Bieber needed to ditch Lil Twist because the kid was bad news. Seemed like when…

You know I stay up on all the new music & movements. I’ve watched YMCMB’s Lil Twist since he was 11 yrs old hustling at Big T’s. (a well known flea market in Dallas Tx.) So it’s refreshing to see his growth & his grind paying off. Check him out as he tours with Yung […]