If you hadn’t heard, King Keraun has his own show on Fuse called That White People Sh*t in which Keraun puts himself in some of the more ridiculous situations known to man. Well, if you haven’t caught the first two episodes, you can watch episode one now on YouTube! “This week King Keraun is on a quest to […]

It’s all fun and games until someone’s feelings get hurt. Yes, the #MannequinChallenge is the latest craze on social media but it’s slowly getting plaid out. That flame burned out fast. And before you think about participating and posting a video up…make sure the roaches in your house know what’s going on. THEY NEED TO […]

Which H Town personality has the DOPEST #MannequinChallenge? King Keruan KILLED IT! Can you tell me what song that is in the background? LOL! Gotta love creativity!!! Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox / Kiotti Like Us On Facebook!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti

King Keraun stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show while in town to promote his first feature film “Major Deal“. Keraun also revealed how he got started, how he meet Russell Simmons, working on the set of “Black-ish” and his plans for the future. Click Here to purchase the movie. Part 1 Click Here for Part […]

I literally burst out in laughter when I watched King Keraun’s newest Facebook video. King is goofing off, but he actually couldn’t be more right! The hardest dudes know damn well that you can’t help but to channel your inner Yoncé when King Bey comes on the radio. LOL Thanks for giving me a lil […]

One of the funniest guys I know just dropped a hilarious video! King Keraun has been making moves these past few years, but he never gets away from the bread and butter. Feeding his growing fan base with new content! I almost died laughing when I watched this video. Enjoy! The homey made his Instagram […]

King Keraun is just as goofy in person as he is on his instagram skits. The first time I met him, we were in a club and he was grinning and doing quirky dance moves in the bathroom. LOL Awkwaaaaard. I’m so proud of this dude for turning his life around and doing something positive […]

The average person gets joy when their dreams come true. I get an even greater thrill when I get to be apart of someone else’s dream. As successful as King Keraun has become, you would think Directors of hit shows would be able to get into contact with him easily. Not exactly the case. LOL […]

It’s time for another episode of Socially Decoded, published every Monday and Friday on GlobalGrind.com. Today, we’re breaking down the tweets of Lil Duval, who spends…

I cannot say it enough: I am super proud of Mo City’s own King Keraun. This dude done came up. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone The first time I found out about him was through one of my former box team members (DjFanci). She put me on when King only […]

King Keraun deserves all of the success that’s coming to him. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone I’m so glad and proud of the young people from Houston that are on the rise and doing positive s*** with their lives. Watch King Keraun on a new comedy show that he’s apart […]

There’s no question and no doubt that King Keraun is rising to become one of the world’s favorite comedians. But it surprised the hell out of me when I saw him play a dramatic role in All Def Digital’s Training Day Parody; it made me want to see more of his acting chops on the […]