I thought the Floyd Mayweather “out of retirement” announcement was a little off! Yesterday I posted details about his NYE fight verse an undefeated kick boxer. Well today via TMZ Sports, Floyd says the fight is off. I’m sad but cool with it, but I kind of knew it was going to not happen. LOL! […]

I’m an unapologetic Floyd Mayweather supporter. But even I’m not sure about his “coming out of retirement” idea. The 50-0 champion boxer is slated to fight a 20 year old undefeated kick boxer, Tenshin Nasukawa. I know “Money May” is financially secure, so it’s not about the money. Why risk tainting a flawless legacy? In […]

Actor Idris Elba, was born in the United Kingdom, but for us, he’s best known for his skills on the American screen. At 43-year old Elba is now doing something that he’s always wanted to do, he is training to become a professional kick boxer. As exciting as that sounds, it’s more exciting to learn […]

Want to tone your body, but don’t have the time to spend at a gym?  Here are 4 ways to tone your body and feel great just in time for summer: Kickboxing Kickboxing works every muscle in your body from head to toe. Not only does it offer one of the greatest calorie-burning opportunities in […]

Whether you just want that sexy beach body, toned muscles, or to learn self-defense, kickboxing is for you! From the various punch techniques to the leg lifts, this workout can really help with cardio, toning your muscles and maintaining your weight. In my experience, the benefit of kickboxing has not only taught me how to […]