RodeoHouston closed a record-breaking season — more than 2 million people through the gates — with a double-shot of scream-worthy, swoon-inducing, out-of-your seat teen pop. Canadian sensation Justin Bieber and Grand Praire girl Selena Gomez shared a Sunday bill that was bright, brisk and stuffed with nonstop singalongs. Even parents likely found themselves humming a […]

Check out my video Soulja boy teaches me how to dance.

The elders at Ecclesia Church were expecting something tame from Jackson Potts II for their annual Stations of the Cross art display. Instead, the 10-year-old produced a photo of his kid brother being beaten by a police officer. Jackson says it’s a modern-day interpretation of Roman soldiers beating Jesus. It’s disturbing and could frighten children, […]

General Motors’ deal to sell its Hummer brand to a Chinese automaker fell through Wednesday and the company said it now plans to shut down the brand. GM did not give any details about why the agreement to sell Hummer to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co. Ltd. could not be completed, saying only that […]

You’ve probably heard of Dr. Conrad Murray, who stands accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop star Michael Jackson, but you may not have heard of Dr. Khristine Eroshevich or Dr. Sandeep Kapoor or Dr. Phil Astin or Dr. James Graves. Eroshevich and Kapoor stand accused of illegally prescribing drugs to an addict, […]

In a new interview, Lindsay Lohan admits she feared for her life while abusing substances including cocaine to deal with family problems — but has learned to embrace life instead of drugs since her hellish days in 2007. “I tried to mask my problems with alcohol, cocaine and mind-altering substances,” the actress, 23, told the […]

It brought a tough, All-Star NBA coach to tears this week. And it stilled the voice of a famous film critic. Head and neck cancers are rare, but known to be severe — they can strip away a person’s voice, distort the face and rob the basic abilities to eat, drink and swallow. The cancer […]

Tiger Woods will break his silence Friday morning, more than 80 days after his infamous car crash that spiraled into a sex scandal. Woods will apologize for his behavior at a news conference in front of a small hand-picked crowd that will not be allowed to ask questions, according to his agent Mark Steinberg. But […]

When Eugenie Smith’s hands started tingling, she figured her biking gloves needed more padding. When she felt out of breath after a short walk on a treadmill, she assumed it was pneumonia. When her chest hurt, Smith chalked it up to indigestion. She was wrong, wrong, wrong. Smith was actually having a heart attack, and […]

Ministering to young adults at New York’s Riverside Church, the Rev. J. Lee Hill Jr. hasn’t had much success in recruiting for Sunday morning services. But his mission trips to New Orleans, Louisiana, since Hurricane Katrina and his efforts to connect with older teens and 20-somethings — the so-called millennial generation — via Facebook have […]

Tracy Morgan’s riding high, but the actor-comedian said that — thanks to his teenage son — he’s not driving high. Morgan, arrested twice for drunken driving four years ago, said he sobered up after his son confronted him. “My son said, ‘What if I start driving drunk and kill somebody?’ That right there just made […]

Google co-founder Sergey Brin on Friday said he’s optimistic that his search engine will not have to pull out of China over hacking and censorship issues. “I’m an optimist. I want to find a way to work within the Chinese system and provide more and better information,” he said. “I think a lot of people […]