The celebrity preacher from South Carolina has been embroiled in a number of scandals involving marital affairs but made a show out of apologizing to Aventer Gray via Instagram.

A woman only known as "Mary" claims to have been involved in an extramarital affair with the popular pastor.

When news hit that John Gray‘s marriage to his wife Aventer was stained with infidelity, Gray immediately revealed to fans that it was squarely an “emotional” affair. However, shocking audio has been discovered from a woman who detailed a relationship with Gray. In an recent interview with Larry Reid, the woman says Gray booked her […]

The former 'Goodies' crooner clarified why she shared a sermon that instructed women to level up to become wives.

Pastor John Gray, Associate Pastor at Joel Osteen’s world-famous Lakewood Church blessed us with a few motivational words to take you through the week! rer

Pastor John Gray, Associate Pastor at Joel Osteen’s world-famous Lakewood Church along his wife Aventer Gray talk about their new reality show on OWN “The Book of John Gray,” his new book, and if he would ever leave Lakewood Church.  

I was lowkey heart broken when I noticed that “The Preachers” never got picked up. That show helped heal a lot of people. We never get to see pastors talk about subject matters and real life issues that come up in our everyday lives. It’s taboo for them to give their raw opinions on things […]

Via Aventer Gray, the wife of Pastor & “The Preachers “Host, John Gray was flying from L.A. to Texas when she got into a standoff with two American Airlines flight attendants.  The flight was backing from the gate when she decided to swap seats. Aventer let the nanny take her first class seat, and she took the seat […]

It threw me for a curve ball when I saw a commercial for a Daytime Talk Show hosted by 4 men. And not just 4 men… but 4 men of color! It’s rare to see that, because usually that time slot is run by women. Now, I admit…. I thought “The Preachers” on Fox was […]