RiFF RAFF set down with XXl Magazine and explained how to make the ultimate Valentine’s Day card for that special someone. Check it out below!  

My boy Riff Raff is back!!! I’ve been pushing his movement since the early stages. To see him continue growing is a great thing. We gotta hold our artist from the city down! Especially when they are holding true to our sound. Check out his latest visual to “Chris Paul”. Follow Us On Instagram + […]

I am going to make a true statement. As much as some people laugh & poke fun at Riff Raff, he’s slowly becoming a superstar. (Vine – 972k.  Instagram – 917k. Twitter – 1.12 Mil)  The guy from Jersey Village that we thought was crazy on “G’s To Gents”, is a certified celebrity. Via his […]

Riff Raff is the man!!! I have been watching his growth and I’m very proud of him. “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz” has had a life of it’s own since it hit social media. Celebrities started supporting the song on IG, Vine, etc. I’m glad Riff Raff didn’t take the “low budget” video approach […]

In all honesty, Riff Raff is probably the biggest rap artist in Houston right now. Especially from a social media stand point. Whenever I saw Diddy post Riff Raff’s latest single on Instagram, I knew he had a real record. Say what you want, Riff Raff has been true to his Houston roots. Even if […]