THE BEST WAYS TO ENTERTAIN YOUR KIDS THIS SUMMER-WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK! 1. (Gas) Museum here in Houston…(Children’s Museum, others)… 2.  (Gas) Galveston- …if you want to blow some money—Pleasure Pier…Kemah boardwalk… 3.  (Gas) Houston Zoo – 4.  (Gas) Ice Skating at Galleria 5.  (Gas) A Park you haven’t been too-Discovery Green or one of […]

A brand new segment was born this morning on The Madd Hatta Morning Show when Jimbo quipped, “You Don’t Do That!” From pushing another person’s child during Sunday’s Easter Egg hunt to attempting to take a urine test with a fake penis, leave it to Jimbo to keep it real, Houston. Check out this clip from […]

Chubb Rock performs “Treat’ Em Right” at the 2012 Los Magnificos Car Show. Check out the photos and video below! [ooyala code=”RpMDE0NzpljmQGy8gbMcUFXgKTWlt67a”]

Hey I’m back from vacation and I made sure the Box had a presence at Disney… The good folks at the Houston Press did an interview with me…check it out…CLICK HERE 

Check out pics of your favorite Jocks and DJ’s from your favorite station at the 2011 Los Magnificos Car Show!

Jimbo went to Car Toys over the weekend. Take a look at the pics.

When the trailer first came out for “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” I was excited.  My co-workers and friends-not so much.  Yeah, we were all burned in 2001 when Tim Burton remade, err, “re-imagined” the first film. “The Rise of the Planet Apes” doesn’t have space time warps or even Mark Walberg refusing […]

Ladies …he’s out there looking for your unattended man-step your game up! Here’s the special PSA Big Sexy Warning song to get you motivated… And if you want your mobile sexy… GET YOUR FREE “BIG SEXY” RINGTONE HERE!

Hey Folks- It’s me-Jimbo from the Madd Hatta Morning Show and I’m over 50! That’s over 50 pounds down thanks to the good folks at Quick Weight Loss Center! On the right, I’m celebrating with Patricia at the Humble center and on the left a beefier “before” shot. Call 1-888-305-5866 for a FREE CONSULTATION! And, […]

REMEMBER WHEN USING THIS LIST REMEMBER THE TEN MILE RADIUS RULE- IF YOU CAN GET TO HOME AND BACK WITHIN TEN MILES YOU’LL SAVE ON GAS TOO! HERE’S SOME MY FAVES… 1. Backyard- Pools are cheaper by the sale paper…get the radio out there turn the box…you got your own beach atmosphere and summer of […]

Singer, songwriter, producer Tank interviewed with The Madd Hatta Morning Show to promote his new single “Sex Music” off his highly anticipated album, Now or Never, dropping Nov. 2nd. Listen to Tank talk about how he was “tricked” into going to college, what he did before he became an R&B singer and why he thinks […]