One of my favorite movies is “Cool Runnings”. I just keep hearing the line, “Jamaica we have a bob sled team.” Apparently they have a lot more then bob sleds. Usain Bolt is a freakish athlete. Watching him run is like watching a real life “Flash”. Just the black version, without the red body suit, […]

Check out Chris Brown, Usher and Elephant Man’s performance at Reggae SumFest in Jamaica over the weekend. The Jamaican Observer is reporting that Usher and Chris recorded a song together in a studio in Montego Bay.

Singjay Mavado and international superstar Drake are in the midst of building a learning center in Cassava Piece.

Reggae music has changed the face of music, the face of Jamaica and the face of the world. From a small island of less than three million people, thousands of songs have traveled the whole world, influencing billions.