For retailers, Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and is the biggest day for sales. Mall parking lots and stores are…


Apple released new products during their latest Keynote address today (September 8) in San Francisco. The company announced a new larger more powerful iPad called…


Walmart has posted their holiday ad and it’s HUGE! It’s consists of 3 different “Events”. Event 1 starts at 6:00pm on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27th…


  You ever been out to eat at the restaurant and notice at the table near you is the American family? Mom, dad, son, daughter, partaking in dinner. Mom and Dad are conversing and the kid(s) are engaged in their gadgets be it their phones or the keep-em-quiet iPad. It can be helpful in that […]


      (HOUSTON, TX)– Brazen burglars caught in broad daylight on surveillance cam- attempting to kick their way into a Northwest Houston home.  …

Apple fanboys are rejoicing, and checking their bank accounts for how much money they can spend. Today (Oct. 22), Apple revealed new products including a new Mavericks operating system, speedier Macbook Pros and new iPads, including the one pound iPad Air. The new gadgets were unveiled at a product event in San Francisco by Apple […]

20/20 just did a special on disgruntled employees. But this video is WAY OVER THE LINE!!! Check out these employees playing “catch” with new iPads. I thought it was a Dallas Cowboys commercial at first. #Go Texans Follow Us On Twitter! @979TheBox @Kiotti Follow Us On Instagram! 979TheBox/ HardbodyKiotti

Rapper Rick Ross and producer Swizz Beatz made a surprise appearance at his alma mater Carol City Senior High School, in Carol City Florida. Rick Ross and Swizz donated iPads & Reeboks to the High School seniors, greeted students, signed autographs and met with faculty members. “Rick Ross made history coming back to his high school; […]


(Warning 18 and up ) Incredibly lonely and depressing people across he world now have something to look forward to. Fleshlight devices are makeshift vaginas for men to use to pleasure themselves. Let’s take a look at the official wording: This conceptual design titled the FleshliPad Holder, melds the Fleshlight device to a rubber housing […]

via: (CNN) — Among chief executives, Steve Jobs was an outlier. CEOs of public companies are generally hands-on, but Jobs was involved in practically every detail, from determining which industries Apple should invade to the material used for the iPhone’s screen. Jobs even got directly involved in customer service, which was a part of […]


Our thirst for the Apple iPad is well documented here at TheUrbandaily, but that should never be an excuse to abandon common sense. According to (via TheSmokingGun) a South Carolina woman was tricked into buying a piece of wood decorated to look like an iPad. You can’t make this stuff up. Ashley McDowell, 22, […]


Unless you’ve been hiding from tech blogs and Apple fanboys/girls, you probably already know that today is the world-wide store release of the iPad 2. We even predicted what you stand to gain from the iPad 2 besides bragging rights. Standing at 8mm thin and 1.3 lbs, its sleek design makes it one of the […]