It's been over a month since Heather Lindsay and Lexene Charles found the word "n*gger" spray painted on their garage door.

If you've ever been concerned about BAE's path crossing yours in history, this is a valid reason why.


A young Mississippi couple faces federal charges.

Racists and bigots everywhere will have no choice but to be subjected to the interracial harmony displayed by Cheerios come this Super Bowl Sunday.The General Mills brand leader found its YouTube and Facebook page under attack in May 2013 for airing a commercial that featured an interracial young girl interacting with her Black father and White mother.

Robin Thicke’s wife and actress of the new comedy “Jumping the Broom” says she’s waiting to see if her son gets any blacker!!!  As she waits patiently she says everyone keeps asking her if she had anything to do with the birthing process!!! Full Story