Iam Justified is one of the most positive dudes on the planet! I’ve had the opportunity to call him a friend for the past few years. I can honestly say that everything he raps about in his music rings true to his everyday life. Check out his new “Steady Increasin” video and then let me […]

Every time I run into Iam Justified, he’s doing something positive for the community. It’s dope to see young men of color making a dope change in our world. You are inspiring people, J. Keep spreading the word of God. Your story is helping others find light in their lives. Check out Iam Justified’s “Houston” […]

Meet: Iam Justified; a Houston recording artist who grew up  in the streets of Acres Homes. Justified uses his craft and platform to speak to the younger generation about finding positive ways to live their lives and overcome adversity. Watch his new video “God Ova Money” from the upcoming album REVOLUTION here: Get a free […]

  Word Up! It’s Amir Diamond. I REALLY enjoy this new song by @IamJustified1! We’ve had a few conversations via social media, but I got to meet him in person this weekend at “Dance The Dream Houston” in Discovery Green Park. J’s energy was really charismatic and cool. We need more positive people like him […]

Last week I took my daughter trick or treating at a local church. As soon as I walked in, I saw two rappers going hard on stage. Great energy. No cursing. Crowd was rocking. I took notes & keep spending my family time. Before I left, I made a mental note to do my homework. […]