The designer Thibaut put a new twist to jeans at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo and it’s definitely stirring some conversation. Everyone check out the thong jeans. Yes, they are jeans with pretty much everything cut out but the seems. Yes, they are jeans trying to pass off as thongs. Twitter had thoughts. […]

VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED FOR EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. JONGOTIT is an innovator of creativity, building  from the Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B genres.  My latest extended play  entitled “HOMAGE” is on i-tunes. To date, I’ve performed at Warehouse  Live, Numbers, Jet Lounge, SXSW, Press Box and most recently at the  House of Blues. Here’s his latest single […]

VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED FOR EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Here’s Ace Hood new visual called “Carried Away“.  Let us know if you think it’s hot or nah by voting on our poll below.

Aight Kids, If you’re under the age of 18…cover your ears. Better yet… go to the other room cause we’re about to have some grown folks talk. Just Brittany is telling us how it is when she’s “On Top” and she’s leaving nothing to the imagination. Listen to her new song and then let me […] VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED FOR EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Check out Kwame Ktana’s new video “Play Lotto” and let us know if you think it’s hot or not by voting on our poll below. Click Here To Download Kwame Katana Mixtape “I Just Wanna Be Heard“ Vol. 2

Here’s the new visual for A$AP Ferg’s new single “New Level” featuring Future.  Check it out and let us know if you think it’s hot or not by voting on our poll below!

I’m so glad Yeezy’s not doing that auto-tuned stuff anymore. (Knocks on wood). I would much rather hear the former Louis Vuitton Don rap his azz off. Give us the bars, clever wordplay & attitude that we first fell in love with. Jam Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar’s “No More Parties In LA” below and […]

I only like this song so I can feel like I’m hip whenever the youngin’s are around. LOL Technically, I don’t know the dance yet… but gimme a couple weeks and I might have to challenge you. Alright…before we proceed… can we have an honesty moment? The REAL reason why I like the song is […]

VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED FOR EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.   Check out Kendrick Lamar’s new video “These Walls” featuring Bilal, Anna Wise and Thundercat.  “These Walls’ is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while and it’s jamming.  Let me know what you think of it by voting on the poll below and thank ya!

I usually like Yo Gotti’s singles, but this new one is just aight to me. When I first heard songs like “Act Right,” “I Know,” and “Cold Blood” I enjoyed them at first listen. This time it’s a lil bit different. I mean… I love the concept, but I’m used to Gotti coming harder and […]

This new “Grapevine” video made me feel like I was watching a live SoulOfSherif concert. This dude brought SO much energy in this visual and it just goes to show you that you don’t always need an elaborate plot or story line to keep someone’s attention. I think it worked because he was actually rhyming […]

Sanerica D is a girl of many talents; she’s a model, photographer, motivational speaker, singer and much more! She is actually a Radio-One employee and brings light and life to whatever task she’s attached to. Behind the scenes, she pretends to be shy but she has absolutely no reason to. If you ever hear her sing […]