HIV testing


Today is National HIV Testing Day, which was first observed on June 27, 1995. This day was established as an annual observance to promote HIV testing. This is a particularly important time for YOU to get involved! Take the Test, Take Control. Find Out Where to Get Tested.

In order to spread HIV/AIDS awareness in the African-American community, Reverend Anthony Lee has instituted a practice of testing himself  in front of his congregation…

Today is National HIV Testing Day! National HIV Testing Day is an annual campaign coordinated by the National Association of People With AIDS to encourage people of all ages to get tested. In order to protect yourself from HIV, get tested today. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks and breaks down the body’s immune system […]

Getting tested may not be the popular thing to do for many people but its necessary.  Alarming numbers are on the rise of HIV positive individuals of all races.  African-Americans are being hit with an escalating number of deaths for men, women and children each year. There are an abundance of clinics, hospitals and other […]