Sandra Jametski has been charged with malicious harassment after posting a 10-minute video on Facebook, in which she ranted on and on about another woman's "Spanish privilege" and more.

The young women claim the driver never stopped to help them as they were being beaten.

Marie Holmes, the North Carolina mom who won a $188 million Powerball lottery jackpot last year and has spent millions bailing her boyfriend out of jail, now has legal challenges of her own.

Have you ever been catcalled to no avail? Told to smile by some strange man who then used that line to ask you for your…

  When you see instances of racial profiling or racial discrimination do you speak up? Do you act on it? Petition organizer Derick Bowers is standing up and showing he will not tolerate intolerance. Luxury brandy Barneys is in partnership with Jay-Z and is looking forward to a holiday release of luxury items designed by […]

  Judging from his encounters with police over the years, it’s safe to say Ryan Leslie doesn’t have a great relationship with the boys in…

We’re sure at one time or another every female has come across unwanted, harassing attention while walking down the street from men. From the cat calls, to the “baby can I talk to you for a minute” and the dreaded touching, we really don’t know why men think that they have a right to leer […]

It appears the tables have been turned. A former bodyguard for Britney Spears claims she sexually harassed him, but people connected with the singer are laughing at the allegation, saying the guy needs to man up.