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When you see instances of racial profiling or racial discrimination do you speak up? Do you act on it?

Petition organizer Derick Bowers is standing up and showing he will not tolerate intolerance. Luxury brandy Barneys is in partnership with Jay-Z and is looking forward to a holiday release of luxury items designed by the rapper.

Barneys, however is in trouble after having stopped and questioned a 19-year old young man Trayon Chrisitan after purchasing a Ferragamo belt. Additionally, a 21 year old young lady has come forward saying she was also racially profiled after purchasing a Celine bag from Barneys this past February.

What could be the reason for this inconvenience to the shoppers if not racial profiling? While we don’t want to be quick to play the race card, I think in these instances its safe to say that’s exactly whats going on here. has further details. Click here to read more.