The H Town homie Fresh (aka Short Dawg) is heating things up for the summer. Check out his latest visual to “1997”. I’ve been open in saying he’s very underrated. One song away seems like the theme, but he keeps working. And thats how you win. Work Ethic! Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us […]

Yo, I gotta go get fresh and fly in a little bit. Why? – Because I am always fresh and fly. Men, here’s a hint, always dress to impress. The ladies will thank you. And ladies, just because a man is dressed nice, with nice things, it does not mean he is a man of […]

I still can’t seem to utter the word “Fresh” out of my mouth, because I liked the name “Short Dawg” too much. Too bad it’s not my choice. LOL Fresh is no longer with Young Money anymore…and if you wanna know why…find out what he told me in this interview last year. He’s able to […]

Yes my brothers & sisters!!! Trill Tuesdays are back upon us. I hope you have an appetite for some new music from some local artist. Hopefully you have a pen & pad as well. If you like what you hear, support these guys. Signed, Radio Boss. One of the dopiest lyricist in Houston is back with […]

What’s up H Town?!? On my “Local Music Editor” had to drop my first #NewMusicTuesday  of the year! Curator means “bring you the new new & explain it where you can understand it”. You ready??? Take some notes & add the new flavor to your listening device of choice!!! Yo Gotti “Concealed” Yo Gotti “Concealed” […] 2015 is about to be a HUGE year for Houston musically. One of my favorite lyricist (Short Dawg aka Fre$h), has been underrated for way too long. After leaving the YMCMB imprint, he’s continued to grow & make his mark on the game. I haven’t spoke with him but according to his Instagram, (imfreshdoe) […]

Nike has just unveiled its latest entry into the legendary Air Force One sneaker line. Dubbed the Air force 1 “Medal Stand,” the shoe pays homage to U.S. Olympians, as well as the 30th anniversary of the initial launch of the Air Force 1. For more information, click here.

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Kwame T. Hall aka Da Boi Genius is known for his HIGH ENERGY LEVEL!!! So when Reebok allowed him to design a shoe from the “Zig Slash” Collection, immediately he thought SUMMER, FRESH and LIFE as ways to express himself accurately. Being in the entertainment field he reached out to well known Rap Artist and […]