Foxy Brown appeared in court on November 16th and vowed to defend herself against a charge that she violated a court order by mooning her neighbor during a dispute in July.

Foxy Brown refused to perform at a New York City club last week, even though she was scheduled, all because she didn’t like the car they sent to pick her up. Fox Brown showed up nearly 4 hours later at a gig at the Splash Bar in Manhattan on Wednesday night. Foxy was scheduled to […]

Foxy Brown finally got a break…Prosecutors dropped all but one charge against the hot-headed rapper, who faced seven years in prison for violating a restraining order.

When if Foxy going to learn?? The Brooklyn rapper was caught throwing down in a luxury building in NYC.  According to, Foxy was reportedly involved in a brawl with several people including her manager.

After years of not speaking and throwing subliminaljabs at each other in their lyrics, female rappers Eve and Lil Kim have squashed their beef and you will never guess what their common bond is.

Foxy Brown landed on the wrong side of the law again yesterday -- unleashing a curse-filled tirade against the neighbor she hit with a BlackBerry three years ago, authorities said.

One of the most famous feuds in hip-hop just got more interesting. Lil’ Kim recently sat down for an interview with our friends over at AOL Black Voices and went in on her 90’s rival:

I’m hearing that Foxy Brown may have hit rock bottom! Sources are saying that Foxy was spotted around 1:00AM early Monday morning outside a Nathan’s in Brooklyn, New York getting high and drinking in the street!!! Here’s what they’re saying: Foxy was spotted with two men getting high and drinking publicly. Each of her companions […]

Talk about a blast from the past! Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown got caught up in the moment last night on The Mo’Nique Show and was visibly humbled when she walked onstage to rapturous applause. The emcee took a seat on Mo’Nique’s couch next to her idol and namesake – legendary actress Pam Grier.

Rapper Foxy Brown is coming back and she’s coming back HARD!!!!  The rapper is in the studio with Ron Browz and she wants all her fans to know everything about her is real: she’s never had any plastic surgery “boobs is real, azz is real, skin is is good..all that“. She also wants you […]