The along awaited NFL and NFLPA meeting was today that also included the team owners. Today’s meeting was largely to discuss the subject of taking a knee or sitting during the anthem. The meeting was considered a “productive meeting,” and the players aren’t going have a rule change that will require that they stand. After […]

The controversy comes at the start of the football season, in which Notre Dame will face the University of Texas at a season opener game on September 4.

A news story about a public figure getting popped for bad behavior is nothing new, but if there were a prize for craziest mug shot, Desmond Bryant would definitely win—or at least take second place. The defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders was arrested for misdemeanor criminal mischief Sunday (Feb. 24) , and the photo taken in jail isn’t […]


Watching NFL football games is just a little more enjoyable when these sexy players are getting camera time–which one of them is the sexiest? Take a look at our collection of some of the sexiest men in the NFL, who just happen to be White, and vote for your favorite in our poll! RELATED POSTS: […]

This definitely takes being suspended from school on account of dress code to a whole nother level! Deshon Marman, a University of New Mexico football player, was arrested at the airport after resisting to comply with an employee’s request for him to pull up his pants.  His pants were said to be below his waistline, […]