I’ve heard of some expensive restaurants. Del Frisco’s, Vic & Anthony’s, Uchi & etc. But I’ve never heard of anyone eating $1,000 meals… Well until today. Floyd Mayweather is supposedly paying $1000 per meal, with 4 meals each day until his fight May 2nd. (according to celebritynetworth.com) Let’s just do a little math. 30 days in […]

Pacquiao has been playing for the Kia Carnival, a professional basketball team in the Philippine. Rumors have it that Pacquiao will continue playing hoops while training for his fight against Mayweather, but they immediately shutdown those rumors…. they said that Pacquiao will wait until after the fight to start playing again. Not only does Pacquiao […]

I love boxing!!! I love my kids!!! This video is the perfect marriage of the two. I know you may not be thrilled with dealing with “baby mama’s”. I deal with the drama myself! I feel you. But still find ways to connect with your kids! They deserve that relationship. Regardless of the ratchetness, be […]

It was a good day for the ladies working at the famous Sam’s Horbrau in Downtown L.A. Tuesday night. YUP, that’s right… Money Mayweather hit up L.A.’s hotspot and he didn’t just make it rain… nope, they’re saying he made it thunderstorm, “A money hurricane”. The boxer is said to have dropped $30k on at the girls […]

It’s said that Mayweather has ran out of credible opponents to go up against. This means that there are no fighters that he can fight, draw a crowd and bring in the money with. Regardless of how I feel about Floyd Mayweather, I have to give him props for being undefeated and today’s best boxer […]

So, y’all have seen Nelly you know he swole with all those muscles. And Mayweather, well we know he’s the champ. But what would happen if they went at it? Well, recently Nelly made commentary that may be considered throwing punches, shade, or slugs. TMZ found in one of his Instagram posts this commentary: “Floyd […]


The champ was recently interviewed by female DJ and On-Air personality DJ Dimepiece at Power 107.5 in Columbus, OH.  The interview started out cool but when asked about a future fight with Manny Pacquiao the interview took a turn for the worse. Check out the interview on MyColumbusPower


Both 50 Cent’s baby momma and Mayweathers’s mother to his 3 kids are getting ready to release their tell all book and spill the beans!!!!  Just in this interview alone they have said quite a bit about their relationships with these two men and how they are as fathers.  So disappointing…See below for the interview. […]