T.I. and Tiny have been doing their own separate thing since Tiny filed for divorce back in December. Neither one of the stars publicly spoke out about what the actual issues are in their marriage, but judging by the latest information regarding their divorce, they may not be proceeding with the split after all. TMZ reports […]

  I came across this story that lends some insight into the relationship between T.I. and Tiny’s friend/hairstylist Shekinah.  It doesn’t look good!  According to Baller Alert, he fired her from the show!  Hmmmmm.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

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It’s been rumored for a while that T.I. and Tiny haven’t been together for a while, but the couple always denied it. But there are…

Ladies, one of the most freeing and liberating things we can do for ourselves is keep it real!  Keep it real, keep it one hundred. On Arsenio’s show he posed the oober uncomfortable- been mentioned for the umpteenth time question to Tiny  regarding her and T.I. DIVORCING! What a shame that would be right? If […]

T.I. may have a long and bright future ahead of him as a reality TV star now that his show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” has drawn big ratings for VH1. The reality show featuring Tip and his family premiered online a few days early, and was seen by 4.3 million viewers at 9 […]