Is there a certain thing as “too much weed”? Scientist have speculated marijuana usage affects your brain over long term usage. Case in point, Snoop Dogg’s latest visit on Family Feud. Steve Harvey had a hard time holding it together for some of his answers to the questions. Need a laugh? Follow Us On Instagram […]

The Doggfather and his family recently appeared on Celebrity Family Feud against boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and his family too. During their first question, 44-year old Snoop was at the buzzard with Sugar Ray when their first question he has have everyone stunned at his response. Steve Harvey chuckles, but eventually ask the question, […]

Shout out to all the people who have this man as their lawyer, because he's hilarious.

If you have ever watched Steve Harvey hosting his show, ‘Family ‘Feud’ than you’ve seen the off the wall and funny answers that some of these families can give when they’re asked. Well, this show didn’t fail at an off the wall response either because during this show, between the Patterson and the Camenzind families,their […]

Steve Harvey, host of Family Feud and the Steve Harvey Show is beefing still with his ex-wife Mary Vaughn Woolridge. The two were married for 16 years and it seems their divorce has left his former wife embedded with anger, rage and a drive for revenge. She’s made what many fans would think are outlandish claims […]