Yesterday, the Carolina Panthers crushed the Buccaneers with a win of 10-38 at their Bank of America stadium. After the win, their quarterback, Cam Newton was taking his usual victory lap around the stadium when he attempted to jump up to a couple of Buc’s fans and rip one of the jerseys that they were […]

Woapa Seeeee! Wendy Williams misjudged a her steps while performing at her “Sit Down Tour” in H-Town and slipped off stage. Woapa Seeeee! Check out the video below.

So, according to Vlad TV,  Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore was in Vegas for a competition that paired reality stars with wealthy men. One…

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According to Vlad TV, during a recent Beyonce concert in Lisbon, Mrs. Carter scrubbed out while attempting to ascend the stairs to the stage.  Bey’s trademark…

I don’t know about you, but its seems to ME everyday there is a new Kuh-Ray Z story about  planes crashing, or massive train wrecks (Spain Train Crash.) – and today is no different! But I will say this case is particularly peculiar with this tragedy taking place on an Air France aircraft. According to the Huffington […]

When some of think of stars or celebrities we think of them as faultless, perfect beings who don’t fart, burp, trip or get teased like the rest of us but one Youtuber shows they’re all just human. Enjoy! But for real Celine did her thing as MJ!


via: A Japanese student is presumed dead after falling into the Niagara River. CBC reports See More:


We are sad to hear that a man died falling from a roller coaster at Houston’s Livestock Show and Rodeo. Pattie Shieh covers more of this story at here.


  A girl who has become an internet star after not paying attention and falling into a fountain while texting at the mall. However, Cathy Cruz Marrero (aka Fountain Girl) thinks this is no laughing manner, and plans to take legal actions toward the mall. Marrero says security didn’t respond until 20 minutes later after […]

Rihanna seems to be the latest victim of the fall on stage… Peep the video!


via – BLOG OUCH!!! Check out Lindsay Lohan @ she takes a fall trying to get away from the paparrazi This is her leaving a party round 5:30 am (I wonder what she was drinkin?) ENJOY!!!