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Need a laugh this Monday morning? Just take a look at this video and you’ll be grabbing your sides. Texas mom, Candance Payne stopped by a local Khol’s to pick up some items, one of which included a Star Wars Chewbacca mask. After making her purchase, she decided to share her gift with the world […]

Congratulations to 97.9 The Box‘s own Amir Diamond! In less than 24 hours,¬†Amir Diamond broke a Facebook Live record reaching over 2 million people. View Amir Diamond‘s record-shattering video on “How It Was Interviewing DJ Khaled” below: You can watch more live videos from Amir Diamond as he goes live on Facebook during his Late […]

A Virginia dad caught word that his son was cutting class and acting up in school, so he decided to administer his own form of parental justice…he boxed him. Tavis Sellers aka TaDigs Ditches as he identified himself on Facebook not only boxed his son but he broadcasted the bout on Facebook’s lifestream broadcast. The […]