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via: news92fm.com If you are one of many who suffer from allergies during this time of year in Houston, you have made best friends with tissues, eye drops, anti-histamines, steroids or other remedies. Allergies can be a nuisance and can make you miserable. When it comes to allergies, what exactly are they and what is […]


Here are some eye exercises.  Ever thought about Yoga for the eyes?  The eyes are the windows to your soul.  The eyes provide the sense of sight.  The eyes need to be stretched for your sensual healing.  Most of us do not exercise our eye muscles at all, but yet, we work them all the […]

26-year old MMA fighter, Jarrod Wyatt, ripped his 21-year old friend's still beating heart from his chest as well as his eye after ingesting a hefty dose of what appears to be mushroom tea. Apparently the blood was so immense, that the entire house was made into a crime scene.

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Stress and tiredness can lead to red, puffy eyes. If you need some help soothing your eyes, try these remedies from wholeliving.com: