DJ Chose is one of Houston’s young artists who will still be standing 20 years from now. “Everywhere I Go” has gained national notoriety and it’s only going up from there. I’m so proud of any young man of color who is out here putting that work in. We need more of it in this […]

Akon can do no wrong in my opinion. He has a reputation for releasing soothing music with catchy lyrics. Now, even though I’m a fan of this new song “Want Some…” I wish DJ Chose’s verse was longer!!! How ya’ll just gonna tease us like that? Keep putting on for the H and making us proud, […]

Radio Boss checking in! I know so much music drops, it’s hard to keep up with it all! New Music Monday is just another checkpoint to be sure you have the hits on your iPod! Enjoy & share the link!!! Migos “Pipe It Up” Download “Yung Rich Nation” HERE: DJ Chose ft MC Beezy “Everywhere […]

I said it before and I’ll say it again: with songs like “Everywhere I Go,” I think DJ Chose & MC Beezy need to do a collaboration tape together. They are two young dudes who make music that I would want to hear 20 years from now. (Whispers) Unlike some of these other rap stars. […]

I’m convinced: DJ Chose and MC Beezy need to release a collaboration album/mix-tape; they make great music together. “Send Her Home” has been one of my favorite songs on the radio…and it looks like they got another good one on their hands. Listen to their new song “Everywhere I Go” and let me know if […]