Future is having a hell of a year! Even dealing with a public break up, the public is pretty much on his side. Memes and all. Poor Russ Wilson. I know he missed this episode of Kimmel last night. So i’ll post it just in case he’s up looking for video to watch! LOL!!! […]


#Futurehive rejoice. Mr. Dirty Sprite is treating his fans to a video for the popular “Where Ya At” single from his chart-topping “DS2” album….and of course,…

Well, well, well. Ciara is definitely a very pretty lady. But is her “timing” for dropping this video suspect? I’m all for the good “love saga” story, as much as anyone else. With Future dropping “Dirty Sprite 2” tomorrow, is it funny she drops a video today??? Hmmm. Now I’m not mad at the video. Matter […]