We just want to know who broke Bow Wow’s heart. Bow Wow recently dropped “When I First Met Her,” describing a past relationship that ended…

Everyone knows T.O has had many issues in the past few years…his career, money issues and baby momma drama.  Everything came out of the closet in yesterdays episode of Dr. Phil.  The good doctor spoke with T.O and the 3 mothers of his kids about his lack of responsibility in his children’s lives.  I was […]

I haven’t been to big on the “Real Housewives” epidemic but I did recently start watching “Basketball Wives” this season. I still don’t grasp the concept of only one of the women being married to an actual NBA player on the show, but I will say it can be entertaining. Draya has definitely made an […]

Soooooo…. once again the Kardashians never cease to amaze us with how comfortable they are in front of a camera, and I guess now the “baring it all whatever the situation” has started to rub off onto Lamar. Apparently, Lamar feels him and Khloe can’t “take things to the next level” unless he knows that […]

Its starting to be somewhat played out to me how when couples split the immediate response is to humiliate the ex-partner in some way sexually…..however…I never get tired of seeing the drama unfold!!!! In a recent TV promo for the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammar, also known as Kelsey […]

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Our favorite housewives are leaving us for good! After 7 extremely dramatic and suspenseful seasons the chaos of Wysteria Lane  is chunking the deuce.  The cast was just as surprised to find out the news, but creator, Marc Cherry, said he wanted to go out in “the classiest way possible, and he didn’t want the […]

As everyone knows, Lauryn has had an on and off love affair with Rohan Marley for years, producing 5 kids and a lot of drama; however, who is this sixth baby by??  Ms. Hill just gave birth to a son that she has been referring to as “Baby Boy Marley” a source told CNN; however, Rohan Marley […]

Michael Watts gives you an exclusive look at the MTV2 Sucker Free Summit. With the help of Kwame Hall from 97.9 The Box you can see how Houston, Texas took New York by storm. Check out the pics and video for exclusive content.


Chick flicks like Sex in the City 2 has ushered in the return of girls night out, however, a hot date to the movies is always in style and deserves just as much attention, so create a simple makeup look that makes an impact…even in a dark theater. And like the singer V.V. Brown, you too can pull off the ultimate “I’m just […]

I just got my hands on OZONE Magazine’s upcoming Sex Issue, which features everyone’s favorite baby daddy, Lil Wayne.