I just came across the funniest article that featured the 35 Naughtiest Dogs on the planet!!! Too Funny!  CLICK HERE!          


Since we all got ripped off on The Pac-Man vs Bradley fight, here is a video of the fighting i put up with on a everyday basis in my house! Please vote below on who won! p.s. no animals were hurt in the taping of this video! This is how they play…LOL [ooyala code=”5zYjg2NTpu8-Cq7_WPrnwSC1wLfv4YgA”]

At least 5 percent used in Iraq and Afghanistan struggle with PTSD SAN ANTONIO — The call came into the behavior specialists here from a doctor in Afghanistan. His patient had just been through a firefight and now was cowering under a cot, refusing to come out.Apparently even the chew toys hadn’t worked.Post-traumatic stress disorder, thought […]

Letting sleeping dogs — and cats — lie could make you sick, a paper to be published by a U.S. Centers for Disease Control journal warns. That pet in your bed could be passing on meningitis, toxocariasis or cat-scratch disease, among others. “We don’t want to scare people, but especially for children and people with […]