Although it appeared that Drake and his father were close, especially in recent times, Dennis Graham said that his son’s claims of him not being there when he was young were false. However, Drake has since fired back and said that his father was indeed absent in his life when he was young, causing quite […] Jennifer Lopez‘s Instagram Fan Page, @SlayItLikeJLo just gave us all the tea that we needed. But were the visuals and photos from an actual video shoot set? Why a Prom at the end of December? Last night, Drake and J. Lo held an alleged exclusive themed-party called Wonderland Prom where the two experienced a […]

It looks like we were sadly mistaken about the possibility of #AubRih happening anytime soon.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree or maybe the tree isn’t too far away from the apple. Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, is about to jump back in the music game. The Memphis, Tennessee born Graham played drums for Rock-N-Roll Legend Jerry Lee Lewis and rumor has it that funk bassist Larry Graham so we […]

It's no secret that Drake's father Dennis Graham loves the spotlight as much as his son, but no one thought he'd ever record an R&B album.

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Attention, all aspiring lady MCs!  Drake’s father, musician Dennis Graham, announced via Instagram that he is in search of women with serious bars to collaborate…