Dawn Richard

This looks like art. Take our poll and let us know if you are loving graffiti hair.

D∆WN is readying to release Redemption, one of the most hotly anticipated releases of 2016, through a new partnership with MBK Entertainment/RED Associated Labels. The fiercely independent-maven will reveal details soon for the third and final installment of her critically-acclaimed music trilogy series. D∆WN – “WAKE UP” [NEW MUSIC]  ‘Redemption’ marks The Red Era of […]

Dawn Richard is too busy being fly to care about everyone’s shifting opinion of her appearance. The Danity Kane singer doesn’t look exactly like the…

So, AS YOU KNOW Danity Kane has parted ways (despite the release of their new album DK3). I thought the three girls were still going to promote the project, but unfortunately that wasn’t exactly the case. Dawn had a bigger plan in mind; a slap in the face to the girl group, if you will! […]

At first I thought this idea was stupid…but it actually turned out brilliant! Danity Kane’s new video “Rhythm of Love” makes me forget that DK3’s not even present in it, because it’s so attention-grabbing. It focuses on men singing girly songs and embarrassing themselves just to get the women of their dreams. Watch how cute it […]

Danity Kane reuinted after they called it quits…but now…they’re broken up again! (I know…it’s confusing). It’s so ironic how DK just so happened to be splitting up just before their new album drops. I think it’s a publicity stunt but whether it is or not, their new music has been reeeeeally good. It lives up to their […]

Danity Kane‘s one of the first girl groups to make surface this year…and I like the sound of that! DK’s back without Diddy and D. Woods. But, it looks like they might not need them. Listen to BYE BABY and tell me what you think!

THEBOXHOUSTON.com – I had a chance to interview the lovely Dawn Richard formerly of Danity Kane and Dirty Money and my my I love this girl!! She and I talked about life after leaving Bad Boy and how it is being an independent artist. For those of you who don’t know Dawn is released her […]

Dawn’s proving that the so-called “Bad Boy Curse”‘ does not exist. She’s had very successful mixtapes/EP’s and her debut solo album “Goldenheart” reached the top of the iTunes R&B charts earlier this year. SIDE BAR: Did we mention she’s accomplished all of this on an independent label!? Kudos. The New Orleans native is gearing up […]

THEBOXHOUSTON.com – Remember Dawn Richard from Bad Boy’s girl group Danity Kane and Diddy Dirty Money? Well to some she may be missing in action but to her  1.3 million Twitter following of “Hearts” fans, Dawn is everything right now! Since  she parted ways with Bad Boy and Diddy, Dawn has released a mixtape called A […]

Via: Thisisrnb.com Check out Dawn Richard’s new video “86”.

Dawn Richard is not letting anything stop her grind! Set to release the WhiteOut EP for her fans exclusively online December 1st, Richard releases “Miles” as the first single. Check it out below: