Vic Mensa is riding the high wave after playing some of his music during Kanye West‘s Yeezy Season 3 fashion show. Mensa is letting the whole world hear the track that he previewed at Madison Square Garden, entitled “Danger.” The party track is produced by Papi Beatz and channels Chicago drill mixed with a bit of […]

  The Danger of Strangers “NO! Put him DOWN!” I yelled at the kind Asian woman. Clearly she didn’t understand my plight nor the hard lessons it takes to raise a young African American boy. It had been a long week. In between work, my side job, school and ministry, the week had just blown […]


  You ever been out to eat at the restaurant and notice at the table near you is the American family? Mom, dad, son, daughter, partaking in dinner. Mom and Dad are conversing and the kid(s) are engaged in their gadgets be it their phones or the keep-em-quiet iPad. It can be helpful in that […]

(HOUSTON) — Some Acres Homes residents say their daily routines are affected by the recent 23 sex offenders that moved in in February. The sex offenders…

(HUMBLE, TX) — It was last November when a 12 year old boy was walking home from his school bus stop on Canyon Shore drive…

via: The popularity of online dating websites is unquestioned. What is in question, according to a new study, is exactly how safesome of those sites are. The study was conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business. As part of a class research project, it was discovered that 21 of 90 dating websites […]

After a local family experienced a tramatic event of their grocery cart breaking and thrusting their infant into the concrete, they have decided to take legal action towards Walmart. Follow Me –> @Michele979 FULL STORY

The newest drinking game doesn’t involve a keg, cards, nor bong; it involves taking “shots” of alcohol through the eye. The fad picked up on youtube over a year ago, and now there are thousands of videos that have been posted through youtube & facebook, with teens consuming alcohol through their “eyeballs.”  Their reasoning for […]


via: Washington (CNN) — Twenty-five of 27 spent-fuel storage casks at a Virginia nuclear plant were shifted between 1 and 4 inches during last week’s 5.8-magnitude earthquake, officials said Thursday. Read More

Someone caught up with Danger while she was walking the streets with a girl she claimed to be her sister, and a man she called her husband. We don’t know whether or not to believe anything that comes out of her mouth anymore, but she also announced she’s pregnant again – which worries us.

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Danger. The “For the Love of Ray J” star recently sat down with VH1 to discuss TMZ’s recent report that she lost custody of her daughter, her failed relationship with Gabriel Cannon, the joy she takes in being a public figure and accusing Ray J of […]