There’s a video going viral of a woman allegedly attacking her boyfriend in her red Ford Mustang after she finds out he’s HIV positive. The woman, Misty Lee Wilke, was at a Phoenix park when she found out the victim had HIV and allegedly her boyfriend was laughing about it. Wilke called police thirty minutes […]

Happy birthday to the one we call Yeezus. Today, Kanye West celebrates his 38th birthday and as if that’s not reason enough to celebrate, we’ve…

Kam Brock filed a lawsuit against the Harlem Hospital Psychiatric Ward and Manhattan Federal Court after she was arrested and thrown in the psych ward for eight…

For weeks now, we’ve been hearing about this “brawl” that took place on the set of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion show. Of…

People react in a variety of manners when it comes to breaking up in relationships and 26-year-old English woman Torz Reynolds has done herself bodily harm after she found out her boyfriend Stuart “Chopper” May lied about moving to Alaska for work.

We asked the question, “Should a teacher in Ohio be fired for is Facebook rant about not wanting “Ghetto…N…word” trick-or-treating in his neighborhood.  Listen to the callers talk about it on The Madd Hatta Morning Show this morning.  You missing all this?  C’mon mayne!!!

Just click, watch, and laugh! Good day!

I think we can all agree that Justin is the “bestest” friend that anyone can have!  Bump a gift card, cash, or flowers; Bieber gave his best friend a Mustang convertible for Christmas!!!! WTH??!! FULL STORY

Crazy story I just found... I was like WTH? Who does this?

Tila Tequila was spotted “shopping” at a grocery store wearing nothing but cheap lingerie. Tila proceeded to placed items on the floor in order to pick them up for the paps!

(Courtesy of & Well we’ve seen this before. DMX went to court yesterday after getting arrested yesterday morning for who knows what for the umpteenth time. He was smart enough to wait till the judge left the room before he randomly started wilin’ out at folks: “I’m the only one got arrested today […]