This has to be one of the funniest and randomest commercial I have ever seen.  If you don’t believe check it out for yourself below!

The famed producer is back to business with the release of a new Beats by Dre commercial.


Nicki Minaj is taking a cue from her Young Money brother Drake, signing on as T-Mobile’s latest spokesperson. The New York City emcee starred in T-Mobile’s new commercial for their One campaign. Nicki finds herself caught in a “Love Triangle” between a guy named Steven and Snapchat. Minaj of course isn’t having it and gets Snapchat to join […]

Taylor Swift's Apple Music advertisements give us a look at what the young pop star listens to when she's getting ready.

Kobe Bryant bows out of the game after 20 years with the Los Angles Lakers. The Black Mamba will go down in history as on of the top leading scorers and in his last game he hit 60 points as the Lakers beat The Utah Jazz 101 – 96. In Bryant’s latest Nike spot he […]

Russell Wilson and Macklemore are undoubtedly Seattle’s biggest stars right now. With Macklemore holding his home down on the musical front and Russell Wilson bringing the city a championship, plus scoring Ciara as his bae, Seattle residents can hold their heads up proudly. It’s only right that the city’s heroes team up for a new commercial […]

Don’t adjust your clocks, it’s not 2004, but that is  Mike Jones appearing in a commercial like it’s throwback Thursday. The Houston rapper, who famously wore…

LeBron James‘ Cleveland homecoming is kind of a big deal, and that point is driven in his latest commercial for Nike. In the ad, we…

It’s mid-August also known to gamers as Madden Season. I’ve been playing Madden since I was old enough to hold a controller in both hands. If you play it or now someone who does I don’t need to explain how serious it is. Well Kevin Hart with the help of some celebrity cameos like Dez […]

I am a female who HATES video games. Let me re-phrase that…I am a chick who can not understand a man being TOTALLY OBSESSED with playing a VIDEO GAME day and night! I mean I have seen a guy not bathe for two days, stuck in front of the television playing …THE MADDEN GAME! And […]