Marvel Comics character Riri Williams, an African-American woman superhero, was featured in MIT’s admissions video.

Tony Stark is backing away from his Iron Man armor and a 15-year-old Black girl will be suiting up in his place. Meet Riri Williams. She’s about the slay your local comic shop. Can you say new cosplay inspiration? Marvel announced today that Riri will be taking over as Iron Man this Fall in […]

Kid Ink puts his love for animation and art into his newest video for “Hotel,” and it’s definitely spicing things up. Recruiting his close artist…

Every rapper takes pride in his ability to paint pictures with words. So it’s fitting that one of the world’s most famous MC’s has decided…


Via Scans_Daily: As some of you folks know, Peter Parker was killed off (the Ultimate Comics version, that is) after fighting one last battle with the Green Goblin in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160, the final part of “The Death of Spider-Man”: And, as part of the second relaunch of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe imprint, an “all-new” […]