On Friday (Apr 9), as the world mourned the loss of the iconic MC, DMX,  Jaxn, like many others, shared a tribute to X on his Instagram page. Killa Cam, who has his own issues with the self-appointed relationship expert, was not pleased about the "fake love" and decided to continue his campaign of calling out the YouTuber. 

Though Cam didn’t partake in any alcohol or trees, the man did not need to get nice in order to spill the beans on just about everything anyone’s wanted to know.

DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God co-signed Cam's sentiment on the situation. If you don't want to deal with anyone's negativity on your social media page you don't have to.

Rappers illegally in the weed business has always been a thing, but with state-level legislation relaxing across the country for legalization, there's an opportunity for these guys to go legit for the first time ever. We're naming names on rappers who have found a way to secure bags in the marijuana business

Yet another rapper who doubts scientific proof. Dipset co-founder, Cam’ron, needs more proof than big dinosaur bones to prove they actually roamed the earth he revealed in an interview. Sitting down with Eric and Jeff Rosenthal better known as dynamic-duo ItsTheReal on their A Waste of Time Podcast, the “Oh Boy’ rapper brought up the […]

Jay-Z squashes old beefs, drops new freestyles at second B-Sides concert.

The Queen of Soul lived for generations whether it be in R&B, hip-hop, gospel or more. Aretha Franklin’s voice was instrumental in many an outstanding hip-hop classic over the years from the obscure to the not so obscure. RELATED: A Rose Is Still A Rose: On Aretha Franklin’s ’90s Classic RELATED: 10 More Hip-Hop Songs […]

The rapper claims the woman he was with for over a decade just wasn't fun anymore. SMH.

Jim Jones Rolls up on Cam during an release party to squash the beef and get the two dip set stars back together!  

Cam’ron has ammo for days when it comes to putting his former comrades secrets on blast. Just a month after going in on Jim Jones in an Instagram Live rant, Killa Cam returned to the social platform to call out his old friend Mase. In the video, Cam stressed to his followers the importance of keeping […]

Cam'ron knows a thing or two about how to hilariously clap back on social media, so it's no surprise that he has a few words for fellow social media troll, Joe Budden.

If The Donald is real enough to oblige, we have a few more musical suggestions that could help re-define his already tarnished presidency and maybe, just maybe, make America great for once.