A video of a couple about to get married when the “side piece” walks in with her wedding dress has gone viral. The video has no date, time or place but I can assure you in time people will soon find out and the couple is most certainly guaranteed embarrassed. Allegedly, the guy had been stringing […]

Social media was set on fire this past weekend when it fell in love with a fellow that decided to put a ring on it. If you followed the hastag #ForeverDuncan you couldn’t help but to be caught up in the romantic couples story. Grammy and Emmy nominated artist, Alfred Duncan and his fitness trainer […]

  Love is a powerful thing! This video is very touching from a few angles. Sometimes in life, we need people to remind us to look at what we have. As a man, I don’t think crying makes you look weak at all. It’s cool to have emotions and show emotion. We are HUMAN. It […]

Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of any wedding reception. They’re a decoration and a dessert all in one, but they’re not the only way to get your sugar fix. We know you probably agonized over what flavor your wedding cake should because you have a lot tastes to satisfy. It’s hard picking out a flavor […]

I guess J-Mac was inspired by the Houston woman who married herself and decided not to wait any longer and eloped with himself this morning. The impromtu service was presided over by the Pimperelli J-Que. In anticipation of the services J-Que quickly filled out a form online to become an ordained minister. All reports say […]


HOUSTON – So far no charges have been filed against a man who shot and killed a groom on the night of his wedding party in northeast Houston. READ MORE FROM WWW.MYFOXHOUSTON.COM


Photography can be a BIG line-item cost for your budget. So, the question is this: Is it worth it?


An Arab Ambassador was granted a divorce after he removed his brides veil on their wedding day to find that she was hairy like a man!!! eeeeekk!!