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A Georgia teacher is receiving backlash after telling her students that Breonna Taylor was responsible for her own death.

We doubt anything will come of people calling out this miscarriage of justice but hopefully with a new administration some changes will actually be made. Vote come November, y'all.

Steve Conrad, who was fired over the summer after the police shooting death of restaurant owner Daniel McAtee, was incorrectly informed that Taylor was in possession of a rifle.


Protests erupted across the U.S. after a weak indictment or wanton endangerment in the police shooting of Breonna Taylor. The anger and frustration spilled over into the streets of various cities, turning violent at times.

Multiple sources in Louisville are reporting at least two police officers were shot Wednesday evening during protests following the grand jury's decision to only charge one officer in relation to the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

Taylor's death six months ago have prompted global protests and messages from civic leaders such as Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris calling for charges against the officers involved in her death.

A grand jury empaneled by Kentucky's attorney general is set to decide "very soon" whether to charge one, some or all of the officers involved with the botched no-knock warrant that led to Breonna Taylor's killing.

Since then the LMPD have twisted themselves (and the truth) in knots searching for ways to justify the shooting and allowing the officers involved to avoid charges. This latest revelation is just another example of how far authorities will go to shield their own regardless of how reckless their officers go about their job.

According to published reports, Daniel Cameron and his office now have a full report about the guns and shots fired in Breonna Taylor’s apartment on that dreadful night, but according to Cameron, the new information still leaves the case inconclusive.

On Thursday (Jul 30), JW Lucas took to Twitter in a since-deleted tweet to call out those petitioning for the police officers who killed Taylor to brought to justice, alleging her death was a result of the "lifestyle that she chose to participate in," before adding bogus facts that police originally included in the warrant before admitting that they entered the wrong house.

Williams and several other noted celebrities were released after they protested at the house of Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron. They're facing felony trespass charges.

Breonna Taylor's family is once again speaking out about new details regarding the murder of the 26-year old EMT after a new report reveals that she was actually still alive after being shot in her home. On Monday (Jul 6), Breonna Taylor’s family, who is currently in a lawsuit against police and the city of Louisville, revealed that Taylor was actually still alive after being shot more than 8 times while sleeping in her bed and only succumbed to her injuries after being denied medical attention by the detectives.