This is definitely not a good way to kick off the season, especially after it was delayed for so long. This weekend Lamar Crenshaw was found dead at Texans defensive end, Antonio Smith,  million dollar home.  After a huge fashion show and pool party at Antonio’s house on Saturday evening, the night obviously came to a […]

Gucci had been in prison since pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle in April, and was charged with battery, a misdemeanor and violating his probation. READ MORE

  LAGOS, Nigeria — Fugitive day care owner Jessica Tata, charged in the deaths of four children in a February day care fire, is behind bars in Nigeria according to her family, KPRC Local 2 News confirmed on Saturday. READ MORE VIA CLICK2HOUSTON.COM

Tons of celebrity news outlets and gossip sites have shown confirmed reports of Superstar singer and actress Mariah Carey and her famed husband Nick Cannon are having a baby.  Various reports have surfaced about  this rumor for many months regarding whether or not she was “with child.”  Now we finally have a confirmation! is reporting that their has been another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico right under the state of Louisiana. 12 people were able to escape but 1 is still missing. Details inside!