Earlier last month, me and my girls Sky, Ashley and Ayana shared our crazy perspectives in a nine-hour special broadcast during the Being Mary Jane Season 3 marathon. The program titled, “The Real Talk Back” featured intimate conversations! I do mean INTIMATE! Here was a brief discussion about Mary Jane’s Swirl and her first dip into an […]

We asked and you answered Houston! H Town Foodies was looking for a sexy restaurant with intimate appeal and international flavors and you told us about SongKran Kitchen in Uptown Park. After getting the camera crew together and officially making a date with Chef Junnajet “Jet” Hurapan we were ready to take our tastebuds to […]

One of my favorite foods in the whole world is the hot dog. And according to history, this food favorite has been on menus long before you and I were even thought of. This European sausage has traveled the globe and taken on various aliases such as Frankfurters, Frankfurts, franks, wieners, weenies, tube steak, and Oscar […]

Lets face it H Town Foodies, Its hard out here for a pimp and a restaurant owner too! And that’s the reason why this Mexican restaurant has decided to put all their servers in lingerie making sure your tacos are served with a side of sexy. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHERE TO GO.   

Lets face it, a hot nail tech is hard to find – a nail artist is even harder. It’s all good, I (AyanaMack) promise if I come across a nail artist with skills I’m definitely gonna tell you about them, like my boy Roger Aguirre. Here’s his story. When I was younger, I always knew I […]

Will Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian finally be sitting together for all of the world to see this weekend at the Grammys?????Short answer is NO LOL! but you can check out exactly who is sitting where like Kady Perry, Rihanna, Prince, Chris Brow, and Usher – right here with the Pre Grammy Musical Chair Seating Slid […]

Attention all my #HTownFoodies!!!!! How far are you willing to go to have a body like Beyonce? Well, after that cayenne pepper, lemon, honey tea diet didn’t work out like you thought it would, you probably were on the brink of giving up all hope of ever figuring out what she eats to stay in […]

So I’m (Ayana Mack) looking for the hottest nail techs in Houston to feature cause…lets just face it, a hot nail tech is hard to find! After talking to my peeps in Instagram  and Twitter (Follow Ayana Mack Instagram and Twitter Here) @TheNailSlayer comes highly recommended from my HTown homies. Here’s a little bit about Dinesha Powell […]

I cannot believe I’ve driven past Christies Seafood and Steaks on Westheimer Road so many times over the years with absolutely no idea what magic was behind those closed doors!  Right on the corner of Westheimer and Greenridge is Houston History, a place where Presidents come to dine –  a hub for the Greek community, […]

Houston we’re only 3 days away!!! This Thursday “The Holy Spoof” does its exclusive premiere red carpet screening. The Box teams up with IYO Visuals on this hilarious piece, make sure you come out get a good laugh @ Edwards Theaters – Dec. 18th, 2014. You can purchase general admission tickets or VIP tickets today to reserve […]

While I  was on the air I stumbled across A Facebook posting by channel 11 that said there was a peaceful protest in honor of Eric Garner, the African American male who was choked to death by police officers in New York. While reading the post I of course scrolled down to see the comments […]