The former couple who still remain friends sat down for a one-on-one interview for ESPN.

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Ever since the news first broke that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick publicly announced that he would no longer stand during the national anthem due to the way black people are treated in this country, there have been a flood of opinions of both support and disagreement. On Tuesday, former NFL player Rodney Harrison […]

This Ethiopian athlete is being shamed by internet trolls for his 'dad bod.'

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It goes without saying that Serena Williams is one of the greatest female athletes of all-time, but you may be surprised to know that she has other interesting talents and she is sharing one of them in a cute new video.   To promote her new cover of Self magazine, Serena Williams was captured in […]

No one would have thought that 15 percent of National Football League players would be injured by the end of September. What’s even more surprising? There were no NFL players arrested last month. According to USA Today’s For The Win, September was the first calendar month in which no NFL player was arrested in six […]

Well this is crazy to me  but everyone makes their own choices. Tuesday, cyclist Lance Armstrong told the BBC that if faced with the decision to use performing enhancing drugs again, he would do so. It was a bold claim from a man who was stripped of seven Tour de France titles for doping.But while Lance is […]

Get ready to be in there like swimwear this summer. As a current sweat addict I can attest to the fact that athletic bodies while…

The All-Star Game rolls into Houston this weekend but there is plenty of fun to be had beforehand. News 92 FM’s Pattie Shieh steps up…