While the new joints marks Apple's first venture into the premium headphone market currently held down by Bose, Skullcandy and Sony, the price of the product does seem a bit OD given that a PS5 doesn't come with them.

In case you forgot, COVID-19 is still here. Apple isn't taking any chances following a spike in cases across the country.

Jon Prosser, who is a reputable tech insider revealed on Twitter that the next installment in the popular wireless accessory is "now ready to go," and could be released next month alongside the revamped MacBook Pro.

Apple officially announced the second-generation iPhone SE today (Apr.15). The entry-level smartphone looks like the iPhone 8 but features a home button with Touch ID and other upgrades and starts at $399.

Here, Apple: TAKE ALL MY MONEY! In a video on youtube, the company announced that on Wednesday they are releasing AirPods Pro. As if it’s not already hard enough for other people to notice when we have our AirPods in….this new design includes noise cancellation. We’ll be able to turn it on and/or off with […]

Ghostek pretty much confirmed that “ugly” looking iPhone 11 is indeed a thing with the release of its phone latest case. 9To5Mac who is always right when it comes to Apple news says, three models of that unpopular model is coming this fall and will feature plenty of new updates. https://twitter.com/9to5mac/status/1153830712316956673?s=20 Like last year’s iPhone […]

After 18 long years of existence, Apple is finally getting rid of iTunes. Bloomberg reports the company is phasing out the tool that Mac users have utilized to help manage their music, watch movies, and TV shows. The decision to trash iTunes is on par with Apple’s new vision for its future when it comes […]

Apple is continuing its expansion in Austin as its set to add another campus set to cost the company around $1 billion to build. The new Austin campus will be less than a mile from the existing campus and will be spread across 133 acres. It is expected to make Apple the city’s largest employer, […]

Join Our Text Club To Get The Latest Music, Entertainment, Contests And Breaking News On Your Phone. Text NOW to 60796 to join! A little-known trick has been found that will shorten your time texting people. And it all has to deal with any letter on your keyboard if you hold it down long enough. […]

Apple customers are currently enjoying their new iPhones, but keeping them fully charged might be a problem due to a glaring issue discovered with them. Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max are here, but you might want to hold on the first generation of the $1,000 plus investments. Both phones are reportedly having charging issues […]

Another day, another company purchased. We reported on Pandora being acquired by SiriusXM yesterday, now Shazam has been bought by Apple. The long-rumored deal was finalized yesterday (Sept.24) with tech giant dropping $400 million on the app and officially announced by Apple on its website. Speaking on Apple’s latest acquisition, Oliver Schusser vice president of Apple […]

Near the top of the year, Apple announced it was hopping into the wide-open streaming market and introduced a list of original programming. Among them was a series from Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine titled Vital Signs, but Apple’s boss Tim Cook has decided not to go forward with the show for a variety of […]