Donald Trump may have finally met his match.

  I don’t know how much more of Donald Trumps antics I can take. Apparently I’m not the only one. Over the weekend his website was hacked by Anonymous along with an interesting message. I don’t think singling out a whole group of people, is a smart idea. Especially not for a presidential candidate. Keeping […]


The hacking group doesn’t like the GOP frontrunner’s stance on Muslims.

Just like that, Donald Trump gained a few more enemies. The hacktivist group Anonymous named Donald its newest target less than a week after the Republican presidential candidate announced his desire to ban all Muslims from traveling to the U.S. In a YouTube video released on Wednesday, a masked man can be seen sitting behind a desk and warning Trump to think […]

As the world continues to mourn the lives lost in the Paris attacks, Anonymous is set on revenge.

Anonymous recently published a YouTube video declaring war on ISIS following last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, and it looks like the hacktivist group may have taken its first steps towards battle.

Hacker group Anonymous has turned their attention to ISIS following the Paris attacks.

The world's most famous hacktivist group has expressed its interest in recognizing the "real people underneath the hoods" while holding the KKK accountable for spreading hate.

Anonymous began its release today with a partial list revealing accused politicians' names, address, emails, phone numbers and spouses.

The group tweeted their warning on Tuesday, promising to out at least 1,000 members.

The relationship between conscious rapper Lupe Fiasco and his label Atlantic Records has been a complicated one to say the least. The label gave him a hard…