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I don’t know how Fantasia manages to take us to church on damn near every song, but she does! And she does it well! It’s gotten to a point where anytime ‘Tasia comes to Houston, I do what I gotta do to go watch her perform. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen her […]

Fantasia is one of my fav R&B singers, because she is one of the few who actually sing with soul nowadays. We’ve lost the realness and rawness in today’s music, but ‘Tasia keeps it alive. You can check out Fantasia and Anthony Hamilton performing Nov 28, 2015 At Arena Theater. But in the meantime, here’s […]

Can we have a moment of silence for the coolest President in the history of politics? We love the Obama’s ability to connect with millennials. They’re engaging on social media, on the pulse of pop culture and BFF’s with hip-hop’s first family, Jay-Z and Queen Bey. Word got back to President Obama about Kanye West’s […]

Kanye West went on a random rant about in-app purchases, and we couldn't help but giggle a little.

Todrick On MTV is officially my favorite thing about Mondays. We get to go behind the scenes of his viral videos and watch magic happen before our eyes. He’s also been very open with viewers about his sexuality, love life, and being teased for who he is. I applaud anybody who stands in their truth […]

Fantasia has been working out hard for her wedding this month, and she revealed the date.

Adding to the long list of performers for the evening, Meek Mill and Ne-Yo have been announced as performers for the 2015 BET Awards next…

After 14 seasons of American Idol, the competition is officially over. It was announced today that America’s favorite talent show will air one more season…

It’s that time of year when television networks put their worst-performing shows on the chopping block, and Fox’s American Idol is the latest to get the ax,…

Fox’s Empire is one of my favorite shows on TV right now because they tackle subjects that American’s really need to face right now (suicide, sexuality, etc.). Originally, I thought that a live touring version of Empire would be way too corny, but this video of Jamal & Hakeem performing on American Idol totally changed […]