U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly of the Eastern District of New York temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Saturday.


The petition asks Congress to ban Steve Bannon from the White House because of his connections to the Alt-Right movement.

This definitely takes being suspended from school on account of dress code to a whole nother level! Deshon Marman, a University of New Mexico football player, was arrested at the airport after resisting to comply with an employee’s request for him to pull up his pants.  His pants were said to be below his waistline, […]


To Avoid Protests, TSA Implements Body Scanners as a “Pat Down” Alternative In order to increase security, but decrease complaints, the TSA has implemented a full body scanner that allows security to see what you are packing without the seemingly invasive “pat down”. According to published reports, the new full body scanners, which have already […]

// // London, England (CNN) — Flights across Europe are expected to return to “100 percent” on Thursday — seven days after ash from an Icelandic volcano forced the shutdown of airspace and stranded thousands of passengers around the world, the air traffic agency Eurocontrol said. The mood among passengers was one of cautious optimism. […]