Music lovers nationwide made their way to Indio, California for the annual Coachella Music Festival and as usual, all have arrived in style. Beyonce made an…

I know last year we saw some ENTERTAINING church videos. Well let me introduce you to the first two of 2015. I guess you know we live in a new time when people are recording during church. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I can’t help but watching and laughing along with the rest of […]

I think Blake Kelly’s new song topic and artwork is genius! Everybody loves Oprah, so this is sure to catch the attention of people who may have never heard a Blake Kelly song. Listen to his new sounds here:

DJ, H-Town

Nobody seemed to believe me when I said I was gonna be in my PJs by 7pm tonight! Lol! Made my little peach sherbet mimosa and got my blanky…now I’m ready to bring in the New Year! Goodbye 2014. ✌️ Seeing my close friends that I haven’t seen in forever was the highlight of my […]

Houston, we made it!!! Happy 2015!!! One thing I believe in, is giving. I know most of the time you give, you have no idea what people do with your money. Mush less your time, advice, love, etc. You just never know when your good deed, will be a blessing to someone else. This video […]

If you’re tired of making big plans to get fit in January only to meet big disappointments come March, then let me tell you one…

In January, I grabbed: an empty glass jar a sharpie paper and wrote down atleast three things I was grateful for each day of the year. By the end of 2014, I will be able to look back and read all of the great things that happened in my life. What’s even better is that on […]

I am a female who HATES video games. Let me re-phrase that…I am a chick who can not understand a man being TOTALLY OBSESSED with playing a VIDEO GAME day and night! I mean I have seen a guy not bathe for two days, stuck in front of the television playing …THE MADDEN GAME! And […]

Guys I was kidding about the ‘new old guy’ part! My bad.. but as I was saying 49 year-old Stephen Colbert, host of “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central will secure the position of host when long-running host David Letterman steps down in 2015. CBS has confirmed a five year deal with Colbert. Via “Stephen […]